Slow it down

 What if you made it a priority to check-in? Instead of going through the motions try slowing down a bit. Slowing down can help you AT being more productive. When you take breaks, you start listening to ways your mind and body can find nourishment. You can find more clarity and begin to understand what REALLY needs to be done.

   Leave the dirty dishes in the sink one night. Instead, take 5 mins before bed to do some quick breathing exercises or stretching. Relax your body and mind so you get restful sleep. In the morning you will feel more invigorated and ready to take on your day with motivation. Try to get out of auto-pilot . Wouldn't it be nice to feel more fulfilled?!

  Start by taking a breath and really listening to whats important. Mindfulness can be accessible when driving, eating, enjoying a night out with friends, and during work. 
Start re-programming by trying meditation. Frequent mindfulness and meditation will shift the way you process everything going on in your day to day. You will start to shift the way your mind processes circumstances and stimuli throughout your day. Then, you can take a step back see the big picture. The big picture to your mental, physical, and emotional wellness. 

Summary... stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath multiple times throughout your day. See what happens. 


For a more in-depth practice, join us in our weekly FREE guided meditations by phone. Its as easy as calling in, finding a comfortable chair and relaxing.