All of our teachers have completed 200hr and/or 500hr yoga teacher training certification, some are trained in mindfulness .  All are meditators.  Meditation is a practice that our teachers value in their own lives as much as the physical yoga practice which they all teach.  Each one of our teachers have experienced profound shifts and growth from their practice.  
Our teachers backgrounds are diverse.  Some of our teachers have worked in management in large corporations, while other are classically trained dancers, nurses or psychologists.  All know deep moments of an overactive mind with anxiety and stress in their lives and meditation and yoga practices have been tools for their healing.

We are committed to helping you with your growth and expansion as we explore the possibilities with you.  We guarantee to find the best teacher to meet your needs.


Denise believes life is for learning, collaboration and creating.  She has many passions.  She is a student and teacher of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Her practice started in college, continued through graduate school and then into her corporate career. Her business background in consumer goods and marketing was based in Japan.  After, returning to America she worked in a large technology firm, spending her free time committed to her yoga practice. Denise considers herself a life-long student and teacher.  She is committed to helping her students utilize mindfulness tools to shift into a lifestyle of balance, personal power and happiness. 

MBA, E-RYT 500, ongoing student of meditation, mindfulness, consciousness


Ali's understanding of meditation began to develop during her undergraduate work in psychology, research, and human development. She experienced the benefits of body regulation, clarity,  focus, creativity, and better performance. Many of Ali's students and clients have remarked that her breath-focused guided-meditation has taught them mindfulness and awareness that spans into every area of their lives.
During her Masters program, Ali taught meditation and breath-work to children and families that are at-risk for developmental delay and disability. She is a yoga studio owner that enjoys teaching a variety of  styles. She hopes to be the catalyst that helps her clients feel the changes in their body, hearts, and minds when they link breath to movement and breath to vitality.

Jessica began her career as a registered nurse in Chicago, taking yoga classes as a means to stay fit.  Quickly she noticed that the benefits of her practice extended far beyond physical health.  She saw that the tools and insights learned from her yoga and meditation practice were leading to a much calmer mind and a reduction in stress, ultimately helping improve her performance as a health care worker.  
She is inspired to share these gifts with others.  She is currently  pursuing her masters in nursing and has completed multiple courses in nutrition.  Jessica is focused on researching the benefits of yoga and meditation for mind, body, and spirit. Her goal is to help students realize that the true beauty of yoga is not only about flexibility of the body, but flexibility of the mind!

Brittany believes life is about experiencing and play. For 15 years Brittany was a dancer, then found yoga in 2009. Not only did the practice physically aid her in weight loss of over 75lbs, it significantly changed her life through stress and anxiety relief. The mental component is what fascinated her.
 Through mindfulness she learned self regulation and emotional stability.  As her outlook and lifestyle changed, her contentment and happiness grew. Brittany uses the tools of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, to teach her students self realization and self regulation.  She listens to each clients needs to aid them in finding their power. Brittany's teachings aid her clients to shift their perspectives. Therefore, allowing them to find more contentment, relief, relaxation, clarity and comfort.
RYT 200 , continued studies with world renowned teachers , motivational speakers, therapists and body workers.

Marija Dunn, DJ and Yoga instructor.
She has always had passion for movement. Trained in classical and modern jazz ballet since the age of five, it wasn't until her early 20s that she discovered yoga and fell in love with it immediately. She loved the way the practice calmed her mind, during practice the focus became breath and yoga poses as opposed to a million other things typically swirling around 20 year old’s mind. Meditation and mindfulness practices became an extension of her yoga practice. Meditation became essential not only for her mind and emotional health, but also overall well being.  Yoga became a tool for her to maintain body flexibility, strength, and balance, especially important when she's on the road traveling the world as a DJ firing up dance floors from Europe to S. Africa and the US. She feels blessed to be able to share the tools she acquired over the years to help people live a long and healthy life. Marija's  passion for music exudes in many aspects, she enjoys creating original music and playlists for her yoga classes.
RYT 200, "Lujo Davico" Ballet Academy Belgrade, Continuous study of all things Yoga.