Meditation reduces stress and improves cardiovascular health.
It induces deep relaxation. When we meditate our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is slowed down. Then our parasympathetic nervous system turns on and reduces our heart rate and subsequently, causes blood pressure to drop.

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Suggested Class Offerings

All classes are custom to meet your needs.   Call us to set up a meeting and get your first class FREE.

  • 30 or 45 minute meditation 

Ideal for a mid-day reset and/or lunch break.  This class is done in any room while sitting on a chair. Any attire appropriate.

  • 30 minute Chair Yoga

Simple modified yoga exercises easily done in any conference room.  Any attire appropriate.

  • 50 - 60 Minute Classic Mat Yoga - all levels, all styles

This class focuses more on the physical movements of the yoga practice. Workout attire recommended.